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Camp St. Dorothy's | Hospital Camps

Offering the renewal of nature and joy of camp to children & families experiencing medical challenges.

Camp St. Dorothy's allow kids with organ transplants and cancer to experience the simple joy of being children by leaving the daily stresses of hospitals and medical treatments behind for just a short while. These camps provides a safe-haven for children of all ages to experience the wonders of nature, challenge themselves physically and emotionally, develop socially, and form relationships with peers who understand and share their challenges.

Diagnosis and treatment of critical illness can cause many challenges, both physical and emotional. The purpose of St. Dorothy’s Rest Hospital Camps is to help children with cancer and organ transplants meet these challenges, all at no cost to their families who also struggle to manage the stresses of illness. St. Dorothy’s provides a week of fun and camaraderie that improves campers’ outlook and creates joyful memories. Spending time with peers who experience the same things is both beneficial and empowering to each and every camper because they know they’re not alone. Quite simply, St. Dot’s becomes the transformational place where they fit in and have fun. Activities like canoeing, ropes courses, swimming and hiking are experienced for the first time by many campers who otherwise could not participate due to medical constraints.

“When they are in the hospital they are quiet [and] mature because they’ve had to bear up to so much pain. But here, they laugh and talk more. We see their real personalities as children come out.”

- Catherine Farrell, Camp St. Dorothy’s Nurse

“We all have scars, but it really means a lot to be around people who have the same thing going on.”

-Marina Monica, Counselor & Former Transplant Camper

Did you know? Camp St. Dorothys is offered at no cost to families.
This is only possible through the generosity of donors like you.

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